Eskimo®-3 Extra with Omega-3 and Vitamin D – 50 Capsules



High strength Omega-3 and vitamin D supplement specifically formulated for adults and children 12 years +.

  • Omega-3 EPA and DHA for general health, heart, brain and vision.
  • Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones, muscles and a strong and effective immune system


  • One small capsule, all the benefits!
  • Unflavoured – sugar and sweetener free.
  • Each capsule provides 800mg omega-3 & 20 μg vitamin D3 
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Eskimo-3 Extra with Vitamin D3

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential; they are vital for maintaining general health, heart, vision, joint, and brain function.

However, they cannot be synthesised in the body and must be obtained from food or supplementation. Surprisingly, a massive 89% of Irish people are not consuming sufficient oily fish in their diet, so often there is a need to take an Omega-3 supplement daily to safeguard your health.

Vitamin D3, is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and teeth, a healthy immune system and muscular function. It is produced naturally by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However, given our climate, it’s often the case that many people are not getting enough Vitamin D and therefore may need to take a supplement.

Eskimo-3 products have unrivalled purity and stability, ensuring that, unlike inferior fish oils, they will not become rancid and potentially do more harm than good. They also have added Vitamin E which keeps them fresh for even longer.

The unique combination of high quality ingredients used in this product is what makes it so advanced and ahead of its competitors



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